Don, Dymond, and Pager gear up for a search on
May 19, 2011 in Stafford County.
Formed in 1997, Stafford Volunteer Ground Search and Rescue (VGSAR) is a group of citizens dedicated to providing a ready team of search and rescue specialists to Stafford County.  Team members come from all walks of life and dedicate many hours as well as their own money to ensure they are trained and equipped to support the Stafford Sheriff's Office in a search emergency.

We use the qualifier "ground" to distinguish us from urban search and rescue (SAR)  which is the specialty of fire departments and groups like Virginia Task Force 1.  If a child goes missing on a day hike, a hunter fails to return home from the hunt, or a family member suffering from Alzheimer's disease wanders off, we provide trained specialists to our county, and state if required, to organize a search and locate the missing person as quickly as possible.

Team members are trained in SAR by the Virginia Department of Emergency Management, and the team abides by its guidelines.

Team members are official volunteers of the Stafford Sheriff's Office, are issued a unit number (badge number - but no badge - and no guns - law enforcement is not our function!), and wear volunteer uniform patches issued by the Sheriff's Office.  We feel this is an advantage over other SAR groups, as all SAR teams respond to searches only at the request of law enforcement.  Which brings up an important point....

Do not call us in an emergency!
Call 911

If you know of a search emergency, please call 911.  The Stafford Sheriff's Office routinely resolves the majority of search emergencies without ever calling out this team.  But, there is the occasional tough search for which additional manpower and expertise is needed.  When that happens, the Sheriff's Office calls us.

Thank you for visiting.  Please explore the rest of our site, and if you enjoy being outdoors, want to serve your community, and you think you have the time, please consider joining us!